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Welcome to the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA)!  What an exciting time for those of us who are committed to providing excellence in personal risk and insurance management to the high net worth consumer!

It is hard to believe, but it was not that long ago that the term "personal risk management" became part of the commonly used vernacular to describe what we do. I was fortunate to be part of the creation of this specialty years ago, with a group of professionals who have deep insight into providing solutions to the complex, and often unique needs of High Net Worth clients. Although some reports indicate that today a high net worth specialty exists in more than 1000 independent insurance agencies and brokerages, the high net worth consumer remains underserved and the personal insurance specialists who provide services to these clients remain, for the most part, undervalued. The mission of the Private Risk Management Association is to promote the value of this specialist community by raising awareness through education and outreach by leaders in this space. It is a specialty whose time has come!

High net worth consumers and their advisors need to know they have a choice when managing their complicated risk exposures. There is an option to the commoditized, off the shelf, or pick your price approach and it is YOU!

We can lift this category if we all work together. Please join the Trustees of PRMA to build a vibrant and meaningful organization. Together we will raise awareness for the high net worth personal insurance specialty and bring benefits to you, to your clients, and to the industry for many years to come. We invite you to explore the website and register TODAY to become part of our growing membership!

Sandra Bravo
President, Private Risk Management Association 

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    2014 PRMA Summit

    12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST                        

PRMA Education


PRMA is looking for experts from many disciplines from insurance, risk management, professional and financial services, wealth management and other specialty firms interested in developing curriculum and/or teaching a course.  If interested, please email


Curriculum under consideration includes courses in private risk and insurance management that will be offered at local,web and national events, ...Read more

Continuing Education

Continuing education credit for insurance, CPA, CFP, CLE...Read More

PRMA Mission

The mission of the Private Risk Management Association is to improve the advice, coverage and service provided to the high net worth insurance consumer through education and increased awareness.

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