Enlightenment Series

Our monthly Enlightenment Series is an efficient way to expand your knowledge and raise your game in the high net worth risk and insurance niche.

Join us each month to collaborate with industry gurus on selected topics.  The sessions are typically held on the third Thursday of every month from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST.

See the Event Calendar for upcoming sessions.
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    Environmental Exposures Impacting HNW Individuals
November 2017
Proactive Flood Prevention Solutions
October 2017
Tools to Preventing a Claim:  A Step by Step Process for
Preventative Measures to Ensure a Positive Claim Experience

September 2017
Customer-Centric Results for Art and Heirloom Preservation and Claims
June 2017
Water Security: How to help your client find the right solution?
May 2017
Lending Artwork: Tips and Advice for your Clients
April 2017
Risk Management for Homes in the Course of Construction
March 2017
Trends in Recruiting and Retaining the Right Talent
February 2017
Everything You Wanted to Know About Flood Insurance But Were Afraid to Ask
January 2017
Loss Prevention for HNW Clientele
December 2016
Making the Most of a Longer Life
October 2016
Personal Cyber Perils Explained and the Emerging Insurance Response
September 2016
Millennials:  How Do We Engage Them?
June 2016
Understanding the Intimate Risk of the Affluent Household
May 2016
Luxury Yacht: How Far Do You Want to Cruise?
April 2016
  The Art of Storage: Insurance Considerations for Fine Art Storage Facilities
March 2016
Wine: The Market, The Valuation and The Care
February 2016
Protecting Passions:  Collections Coverage and Risk Management
January 2016
What’s behind the Closet Door?  Couture Wardrobes as an Asset Class”
October 2015
Water Security: Simple to Use Options that Dramatically Reduce Risk & Claims
September 2015
Nurturing Relationships to Solidify and Cultivate Business
August 2015
Cybersmart: Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risks Facing High Net Worth Families
July 2015