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Friday, July 10, 2015

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PRMA Members Vote!
The annual election of Trustees took place June 10 through June 19th.  35% (182) of our members took advantage of the opportunity to vote.  We are delighted to present the 2015 Board of Trustees.
As Sandra Bravo's term as PRMA President came to an end, the Board of Trustees elected Jim Kaneto the office of President.  We are thrilled to have Jim's continued leadership in PRMA and look forward to his contributions as our new President.
Message from the President
It seems ages ago when we gathered in the board room at Marsh in Manhattan to discuss the possibility of creating an association that would provide an independent voice to those of us who have dedicated our professional lives to personal risk management for the high net worth community. Since that meeting in the Fall of 2013 we have witnessed the explosive formation and growth of an organization that recognizes the invaluable contribution of this dedicated group of insurance professionals.
We would not be here if not for the tireless work of so many of you.  There are two people in particular that we need to offer our deepest gratitude for helping to organize PRMA at its founding.
Nicki Trilling, who has stepped down as a Trustee to spend more time building her consulting business, performed so many duties that go unnoticed but without which we would not have survived.  From drafting to ratifying the bylaws to the creation of
the web site and data base, PRMA and its members will forever be indebted to Nicki’s “founding contributions” that more often not were only visible behind the scenes.   Nicki remains an active member so when you see her or speak with her be sure to express your thanks!
The second contributor we must thank is our immediate past President Sandra Bravo.  Sandra also provided the necessary foundation for the organization at a time when a steady hand was needed on the wheel.  PRMA enjoyed the benefit of Sandra’s many years of service to the insurance and financial services community that serve the high net worth.  In a room full of high energy, ambitious and headstrong insurance executives, Sandra was able to command respect and keep us focused on creating  the organization that we imagined.  While she closed the chapter on her Board and Officer service, she is hardly finished the book on her work with PRMA and its members. 
On behalf of all of you, my fellow trustees and the clients that we serve thank you Sandra and Nicki for your diligence and commitment.
Kim Kane
President, Private Risk Management Association
2015 PRMA Summit
November 2nd and 3rd
Georgia Tech Conference Center
Atlanta, GA
The planning of the second Annual Summit for this fall is underway.  Summit co-chairs Patricia LeBon of Burns & Wilcox and David Dilger, Wortham Risk & Insurance are working with members to finalize speakers and sponsors for the event.  The agenda is almost finalized and we will be offering early bird registration in the coming weeks.
CPRIA Certificate
Segment I, Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management, of the Certified Private Risk and Insurance Advisor (CPRIA)certificate was launched on May 19th.  We have over 250 members enrolled in the curriculum.   Enrollment for Segment II, Understanding the High Net Worth Universe, opens on August 10th and we anticipate our current class size to continue to grow.  Click here to learn more about the CPRIA Certificate. 
PRMA Enlightenment Series (PRESI)
Check out the Events Calendar  to register for one of our upcoming monthly member webinars.
July 16th - CyberSmart: Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risks Facing High Net Worth Families
August 20th- Nurturing Relationships to Solidify and Cultivate Business
September 17th- Water Security:  Simple to Use Options that Dramatically Reduce Risk and Claims
This month we have a great article to share which we hope will tee up some good conversation.  The article written by Denise Kozlowsky, summarizes the great collaboration that took place at PRMA Member Roundtable discussions in March.
If you are interested in becoming a blogger, please contact Kurt Thoennessen .  While the blog and contents will be visible to the public, the ability to comment is restricted to active members.  Please make sure to login to your PRMA account to comment.
Committee Chair Appointments
We are pleased to announce that Bob Courtemanche has agreed to Chair the Education Committee and Azeema Hartley has agreed to Chair the Member Services Committee.
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