VaporStream will make our communications more secure!

This week in New York City, security expert Dr. Paul Viollis, CEO of Viollis Group International and Galina Datskovsky Ph.D., CRM, CEO of Vaporstream led a discussion about communications security with a group of CEOs, attorneys, and financial and insurance advisors.  The conversation was very interesting and eye opening with respect to information security.

We do everything we can to ensure the security of our communications with clients and business partners, but just as the insurance world is constantly improving so are communications technologies.  VaporStream is an example of one of those improvements.

We are all familiar with email, of course, but what we may forget is that email is old technology and it has not kept up with improvements in communications tech. Security is one of the biggest concerns with email. Here are some examples of how email is not secure.
  • Emails can easily get sent to unintended recipients
  • Email chains form easily placing duplicates of sensitive information on multiple computers
  • Emails with sensitive information have to be manually deleted
  • Deleted emails can be retrieved and publicized with relative ease
I'm sure there are other problems as well, but I think the point is clear. Email is an outdated and unsecure technology.

VaporStream is a secure messaging platform with impressive functionality that will solve the problems of the old technologies that we are working with. It will also improve the service experience for clients and business partners. The free app can be downloaded to any mobile device and is very easy to set up.  Please feel free to download the app or visit to learn more. 


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