Battery explosion leads to $1M damages

We've heard of exploding headphones, hoverboards, and infamous phones. A power pack used for jump starting a car engine has made it to the list.


The explosion caused severe property damage, estimated at around one million dollars. The powerpack was in the trunk of a car, while parked in the attached garage of a home. "This is one of the hottest fires I've ever seen. With luck, we will have this homeowner back in their home by Christmas. I, for one, will never carry a battery pack in my car." says Mark Gunthner of Paul Davis Restoration, the restoration company rebuilding the house. Fortunately, no one was hurt.


While the probability of such a scenario remains small, it is well worth bringing up with your clients. By nature, batteries are prone to explosion. There is a thin membrane within the cell of the battery that serves to keep electrodes from touching.  When that slips, things get hot quickly.  The battery typically contains a flammable electrolyte.   It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how quickly this leads to kaboom.  Here are two articles useful in understanding the reasons behind lithium ion battery explosions.




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