CPRIA CE System Requirements

System Requirements

The PRMA Online Campus for Professional Development utilizes the latest technology
available to create an interactive and robust learning environment. Because of these
advanced features, the following system requirements and suggestions will provide you
with the best user experience.

Browser Requirements:

  • Recommended minimum browser: recent Google Chrome, recent Mozilla FirefoxSafari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outsidethe browser into Moodle).
  • IE8 and Safari 5 are no longer fully supported. They may still work but they are nottested regularly and there might be some problems. Like most of the world's Websites and browser producers, we encourage you to keep your browsers current toimprove security and functionality while saving us valuable time. (For example seewhat Google is doing.)
  • IE6 and IE7 are not recommended for Moodle 2.8 at all. You will encounter difficulties trying to use those old browsers in today's Internet.
Internet Connection Requirements:
  • A broadband connection is required, such as a cable internet connection.
  • DSL connections may cause problems with timing out or loss of connection if theydo not have a high upload speed or capacity.
  • Wireless connections, 3G connections, or satellite connections are not suggested if they are slow or unstable.
  • Dialup connections are not encouraged and will cause noticeable lag times, with ahigh probability of timing out.