Next Gen and Alternative Assets in the Art World-  9/2023
A discussion on next-gen collecting, including 
NFTs, the sneaker market, lab-grown diamonds, the ultra-contemporary art market, and other interesting alternative assets.

Updates from the Art Market: Demystifying the 2023 UBS Report- 5/2023

Elizabeth Pisano, Director, Mid-Atlantic and Fine Art Specialist at Winston Art Group, discusses highlights and themes from the 2023 Art Basel & UBS Art Market Report. Learn key findings from the year in global art sales, plus trends in both art dealer and auction spaces—and gain a deeper understanding of what clients are collecting today.

Protecting Valuable Tangible Assets:  UOVO and Garde Robe in Florida- 4/2022
Risk management insights and advice for insurance professionals serving UNHW individuals with irreplaceable fine art and/or couture collections. UOVO is the nation’s leading storage and logistics provider for art, fashion, archives, and collectibles.  Garde Robe, the nation’s only museum-quality wardrobe storage and textile preservation service, joined UOVO in 2021, and both services are now available in Florida. 

The $7 Million Dollar Baseball Card: Protecting Your Clients' Sports Memorabilia Collections - 3/22/2023

What do your clients have hiding in their attics? Could a rare baseball card valued at hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars be revealed? As spring cleaning begins, treasures they find may need appraising. Protect your clients from collection curveballs by acting as their insurance "coach." We invite you to join us for a discussion with Michael Osacky, president of Baseball In The Attic and Lead Appraiser for PSA (the world's largest third-party grader of sports collectibles), to learn how to become more comfortable with appraisal conversations.

Galleries to Garages With Q&A - 11/2021 
Join industry leading specialists from a variety of companies for a panel discussion focusing on hot collection trends including Art, Watches, Cars, and other highly sought-after collectibles.

Evacuation Planning to High-Value Collectibles - 9/2021 
This webinar provides a panelist of experts to share tips and best practices on how to have the evacuation planning discussion with your clients.

Disaster Planning – How to Start Building a Disaster Blueprint for Your Clients - 10/2020 
This webinar will provide you the tools needed to create a simple disaster plan and give you the building blocks to create a customized disaster plan for your more complex client families.

Picasso or Porsche Understanding Collections as a Financial Asset - 9/2020 
Whether it be Fine Art, Sports Memorabilia, Wine or Collector Cars, this webinar will identify what passionate assets are (topics can be catered to the audience), their collector trends and will provide an in-depth discussion on understanding them as a financial asset to better serve their clientele.

Emergency Planning for your Client’s Collections - 8/2020 
This webinar provides a panel of experts for a discussion on Emergency Planning for your client's collections. 
Protecting Wine Collections: A Risk Managers Perspective - 3/2020
This webinar will help an insurance agent or underwriter better understand the nature of the wine market, the methods for assessing the condition and value of wine, and some of the practical considerations and concerns surrounding insuring wine collections.

Tools to Preventing a Claim - A Step by Step Process - 9/2017 
This webinar will address what documentation is needed to substantiate value, how individuals can more efficiently inventory their collections and keep records, the root cause of the majority of collection claims and if your client has the appropriate contents coverage.

Cost-Saving Solutions with Customer-Centric Results for Art and Heirloom Claims - 6/2017 
This webinar provides information about the variety of nuances involved in art and heirloom restoration and see real examples of how to navigate the array of situations you may be presented with.

Lending Artwork - Tips and Advice for your Clients - 4/2017 
This webinar will focus on clients that lend items to museums or consign them to galleries or auction houses.

The Art of Storage Insurance Considerations for Fine Art Storage Facilities - 3/2016 
This webinar will focus on what to look for when selecting a storage facility and will discuss loss prevention techniques that need to be taken to secure adequate protection in advance of purchasing insurance coverage.

“What’s behind the Closet Door - Couture Wardrobes as an Asset Class” - 2/2016 
This webinar discusses the special needs in care and restoration of high end clothing.

Wine -The Market, The Valuation and The Care - 2/2016 
This webinar will take a close look at the trends in the fine and rare wine market as well as share insights into the appraisal process and risk management techniques focused on the proper care of this popular collections category.

Protecting Passions Collections Coverage and Risk Management - 1/2016 
This webinar will focus on demystifying the worlds of art and other collectible objects and will discuss concepts of coverage, prospecting with collections to find new business, as well as risk management and loss prevention protocols that help clients protect these often-irreplaceable items before the claim occurs.