Risk Management

Suffering A Loss is Bad! Recovery is Worse- 9/2023
The importance of insuring to value

Beyond the Building Code - 8/2019
Your clients may not be able to control the weather but there are simple things they can do to improve the resiliency of their homes. 

Continuous Improvement- 10/2020
Many experts agree that successful insurance companies of the future will have a larger and more impactful Risk Management and Loss Prevention operation.  Learn how PURE is continuing to improve the member experience through enhanced Risk Management services and products.

Disaster Planning – How to Start Building a Disaster Blueprint for Your Clients- 10/2020
This webinar will provide you with the tools needed to create a  simple disaster plan and give you the building blocks to create a customized disaster plan for your more complex client families.  

Evacuation Planning for High-Value Collectibles- 9/2021
Experiencing a catastrophic loss is devasting for everyone. Fortunately, with the latest technology and the right planning, people now have time, potentially even days to get their families to safety.

Risk Management for Homes under the Course of Construction - 5/2017
This webinar covers a range of exposures related to homes in the course of construction or renovation including what happens when construction projects go bad, loss prevention tools to improve risk and how you can help clients build a safer home while maximizing premium credits.

In's and Out's of Temporary Housing - Assured Relocation, Inc. - 6/2018
This webinar discusses the displacement of High Net Worth clients.

Ready or Not, Here It Comes:  Preparing Clients for the 2020 Wildfire Season - 6/2020
It’s more important than ever that your clients take action to prepare their homes and property for the upcoming wildfire season. This webinar will provide you with tools to engage your clients in conversation about proper wildfire mitigation and the positive impact it can have on their communities

Virtual Homeowners Insurance Appraisals Demystified - 5/2020
This webinar will discuss the new virtual home appraisal process.

Water Security: How to Help Your Client Find the Right Solution- 5/2017
We all know that well over 50% of all water damage claims are preventable yet most clients are still hesitant to install a water security system. In this webinar, we will learn about the options available and how to engage your client in a meaningful conversation about the benefits of having a water security system.

Water Security: Simple to Use Options that Dramatically Reduce Risk & Claims
Water damage is the #2 cause of insurance loss and #1 on the list of avoidable losses.  Burglary and fire are most people’s primary home protection concerns.  Yet they are six times more likely to have a loss due to water damage than to be burglarized and seven times more likely to have water damage than to have a fire to their home. 

Water Shut Off Devices-  4/2021
This webinar discusses understanding potential water risks and the systems for prevention is an industry focus in the high net worth space.