Environmental Risk

Emergency Disaster Planning- 04/2023
Hurricanes, wildfires, unprecedented freezing temperatures, and other catastrophic risks continue to rise in frequency as well as severity, making emergency planning even more tedious than ever. This is a panel discussion with three of the leading experts in the fields of car collections, watercraft, and fine art collections. 
Blythe Hogan (AON), Billy Johnson (PURE Insurance), and Bryant Kolle (Hagerty) will share their perspectives on emergency disaster planning, including how the recent events we experienced have prompted the need for us to re-evaluate the process in some areas.

Wildfire and Its Impact on the Southwestern States-04/2023
Each esteemed speaker had 15 minutes to discuss their area of expertise.  Underwriting, Wildfire Environment/Outlook, and Risk Management.   

Severe Weather, Claims Results, and the Renewal Conversation- 03/2023
This webinar will discuss extreme weather with experts on the front lines of these issues and hone your talking points for conversations with clients and COIs.

Custom Homes with Complex Needs.. Understanding the Fire Ratings and Response-  02/2023
This webinar will discuss the national fire grading system all brokers & carriers use in the Canadian HNW space.

Environmental Exposures Impacting High Net Worth Individuals - 11/2017
In this webinar, Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. (ERMI) will identify environmental exposures impacting high net worth insured along with the environmental insurance products available to better protect their assets and your E&O.

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Michael Jordan Owned Golf Course Pollutes St. Lucie River in Violation of Florida Rule -  02/2018
Kara Bunbury, Environmental Risk Managers, Inc.