Recreational Marine Market Niches: High Performance and Hard to Place Watercraft

There will come a time when your client calls to let you know they have acquired a watercraft that your "go to" insurance carriers do not have an appetite for.  Or perhaps they will not offer the terms and conditions that are the best option for your client.  Join July’s webinar and learn about high performance and hard to place watercraft and risk management solutions available.

About our speaker:
Richard Smith is the Vice President of Atlass Special Risks,  a Risk Strategies Company.  He oversees all wholesale operations for Atlass and is the Lloyd’s coverholder for SeaWave, Prime Time and Prime Time High Performance.  These programs represent one of the largest recreational marine placements through London.  Richard has spent most of the last decade focused specifically on recreational marine and yacht insurance.  His marine experience began in his youth as a launch operator and dockmaster at a local Brewers boatyard.  He went on to crew on large yachts, cruising the Caribbean and East Coast US.  At Atlass Special Risks he represents his own Lloyd’s programs, as well as the leading domestic and international markets for recreational and yacht insurance.