2018 PRMA Industry Leader Award

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Private Risk Management Association Announces Winner of 2018 PRMA Industry Leader Award
 Business visionary McKeel Hagerty to receive coveted award at PRMA Summit
NEW YORK – October 25, 2018 – Private Risk Management Association (PRMA) has announced that McKeel Hagerty, a global leader and innovator in the collector car and boat insurance industry, will receive the 2018 PRMA Industry Leader Award. Hagerty, the CEO of Hagerty, the world’s largest provider of specialty insurance to vintage vehicle enthusiasts and an automotive lifestyle brand dedicated to the love of driving, will receive the recognition at this year’s PRMA Summit, which takes place November 4-6 in Chicago.
The prestigious Award, created by the PRMA Board of Trustees, recognizes individuals who excel in the industry and share PRMA’s vision to educate professionals who serve the high net worth community. Last year’s winner was Evan Greenberg, chairman and CEO of Chubb.
“We are proud to present this award to McKeel, an industry leader who continues to earn the respect of his customers, peers and employees,” says Jim Kane, the board president of PRMA. “His unique ability to connect with others, his desire to learn and his adaptability to adjust and evolve in an ever-changing industry all play a role in driving the success and innovation of the company.”
“This honor is a tribute to the more than 1,000 outstanding professionals across the globe who work at Hagerty,” said Hagerty. “On a daily basis, they challenge themselves to learn, grow and innovate, and that mindset is how companies scale and thrive.”
With a strong belief in leadership, Hagerty has earned an international reputation as one of the world’s up-and-coming business leaders.
  • Hagerty’s brand of passion-based leadership helped transform his family’s small Michigan insurance company into the largest specialty provider of classic vehicle insurance in the world.
  • In 2016, Hagerty was elected global Chairman of the Board of YPO – the world’s largest CEO organization whose members run companies that employ 16 million people and generate $6 trillion in annual revenues.
  • The success of “The Hagerty Way,” as it has come to be called - with its emphasis on building a vibrant, ground-up work culture based on trust and innovation - is among the reasons the company has become a runaway success and a place where people want to work.
  • Hagerty is a sought-after authority on the automotive and insurance industries, CEO rituals and other leadership/success topics. He has appeared on Bloomberg, Barron’s, ESPN, Velocity, Discovery, Fox & Friends, CNBC and many other top media outlets.
  • In addition to his media expertise, Hagerty speaks frequently on the topics of “The Top Habits of the World’s Best Leaders,” “The Rituals of Success,” “Building Workplace Culture” and “Saving Driving in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles.”
“Hagerty’s commitment to educating strong leaders in these times of rapid technological change made him the perfect choice for the Industry Leader Award this year,” says Lisa Lindsay, executive director of PRMA.

At the Summit, PRMA also plans to announce the winners of the JoAnn Heltibridle Award, the Dow Underwriting Award and the Emerging Leader Award. These are given to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions while serving the HNW community. Registration for the summit is currently open. For more information, visit www.prmasummit.org.
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Editor’s note: Interviews with McKeel Hagerty, Jim Kane and Lisa Lindsay are available upon request.