Non Standard Markets

E&S Markets as a Resolution for Tough to Place Risks in an Ever-Changing Marketplace- 2/2022
Having a difficult time placing risks in the standard marketing place?  Not sure where to go anymore?   Feel welcome to join a distinguished panel of industry leaders from a variety of markets and companies. This panel discussion will provide insight into how rising costs, inflation, and the pandemic have shaped this new and emerging product lineup that we are using for our clients in every region that wasn’t even a thought a few short years ago.  

2019 Lloyd's Market Update
Lloyd's overview discussion includes 2018 results, syndicate appetites, capital structure. Brexit, and our view on emerging risks.

E&S Insurance for High Value Homes – The Changing Market-  12/2018
This talk will speak to the market forces that drive certain homes into the Excess and Surplus Lines market, and address the benefits to consumers and brokers that changes in the market have brought about.

Forces at Play in the Current Dynamic Insurance Market- 2/2020
An update on the trends in the current insurance marketplace in the face of stricter underwriting guidelines and limited capacity for placing risks.

Hard to Place Risks- 4/2021
This webinar will explore the factors impacting the insurance markets today for hard-to-place risks and what you can do in your practice to navigate the current market challenges.