Innovation Teams

Innovation Teams are moving PRMA Nation forward!  Innovation Teams were formed out of a community promise to “Collaborate to spark innovation and design a roadmap to excellence."  At the 2018 Summit, in a feedback session called Cafe2020, members had a conversation using the prompt “It’s 2020 and PRMA has moved forward in a very positive way, has had a leap of excellence, and is adding real value.  How do you know they have had a leap of excellence? How is this leap of excellence benefiting you?”  The teams are focused on:

The team drives awareness of the value of the membership and its designation.  Team members are Mary Beiter of PURE Group of Insurance, Pam Flaherty of NFP, Rick Kaufman of Ameristar Agency, John Sence of Cincinnati Insurance, Albert Slap of Coastal Risk, Nelson Latimer of Risk Strategies, Colleen Boyle of Pall Mall and Jennifer Silva of Aon.

The team's focus is creating content that is relevant and necessary to the advice risk managers provide to the client on a daily basis.  Team members are Roper DeGarmo of Signature Personal Insurance, Karen Hivry of Cincinnati Insurance, Christina Kotzin of Bessemer Trust, Craig MacCormack at Hartford Steam Boiler, Mary Mullen of Burns & Wilcox, Marc Ricciardi, and Shelly Verneret at HUB.

The team's focus is on enhancing the member experience and growing the membership.  Team members are Bryant Kolle of Hagerty, Anita Medlin of HUB, Pilar Rodriquez-Lorenzo of AIG Private Client Group, Mike Smerkanich of Willis, Nicki Trilling of NJ Gold Coast Marketing, Kate Wright of Burns & Wilcox, Rose Zilinkas of AIG Private Client Group, David Dilger of Marsh Wortham, Stephanie Taylor of HUB, and Kyle Reed of Risk Strategies Group.

The team's focus is to help fellow members attract the brightest to the industry. Team members are Jessica DeFelice at Simpson & McCrady, Todd Hanzelka at Iscential, Mike Jager at Larkin Group,  Darren McGraw at Mechelsen Private Client, Kristen Pontarelli at AIG Private Client Group, Don Poster at AON, and Dina Smith at Gallagher.