Ready or Not, Here It Comes: Preparing Clients for the 2020 Wildfire Season

 It’s more important than ever that your clients take action to prepare their homes and property for the upcoming wildfire season. This webinar will provide you with tools to engage your clients in conversation about proper wildfire mitigation and the positive impact it can have on their communities.

About Our Speakers:
Stephen Poux
SVP, Head of Risk Management Services and Loss Prevention at AIG

James Rappuhn
James is the Assistant Vice President of the AIG Wildfire Protection Unit where he oversees all aspects of the Wildfire Protection Unit. He is responsible, in part, for providing expert knowledge on brush and wildfire matters, working closely with agents and brokers to find manageable, creative solutions to protect AIG policyholder’s homes, enhancing procedures and guidelines to improve productivity, and ensuring safe, effective deployments to wildfires.
James began his insurance-based career as a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist in early 2011. Prior to joining AIG, James worked in the wildfire mitigation industry and spent over seven years as a professional firefighter. He holds numerous federal and state-recognized firefighting certificates. His various roles in customer service and fire response have allowed him to develop a professional approach to risk evaluation, effective mitigation and wildfire safety.