Fire Smoke Odor Damage – Molecular Technology- 8/2023
The webinar discusses the topic of eliminating odors at a molecular level. The presentation will cover options available for those with insurance claims resulting from fire damage that includes heavy smoke odor. Participants will learn about the possibility of removing smoke from all personal items and building materials in just 12-24 hours. This safe & effective process can reduce claim costs by up to 60% while improving customer satisfaction with a speedy solution.

A JOURNEY INTO THE METAVERSE- Understanding how Crypto, NFTs, and Insurance Collide-  2/2022
Past generations are slated to hand down roughly $61 trillion to their heirs of which are increasingly Millennials and Generation Xers, according to research and consulting firm Cerulli Associates.  The NextGen is already investing and "Flexing" in new and groundbreaking ways. This dynamic panel of industry-leading experts in Crypto, NFTs, and Insurance will take you on an exciting journey through the metaverse. You'll get a better understanding of how the Metaverse is impacting NextGen's investment decisions from Crypto Platforms to Nike's newest line of NFTS. You'll gain a radical and exciting new perspective of what the future has in store.  If you are an advisor, have clients working with, or are simply interested in resources to help understand, acquire and protect digital assets, you can't miss this.

Continuous Improvement- 10/2020
Many experts agree that successful insurance companies of the future will have a larger and more impactful Risk Management and Loss Prevention operation.  Learn how PURE is continuing to improve the member experience through enhanced Risk Management services and products.

Modernizing the HNW Client Experience through Technology - 6/2020
Wondering what role technology can play in the HNW client experience?  Join this webinar to learn how one of our members has been using SmartForms to streamline processes that enhance the client experience.

Our Digital Path Forward- 10/2020
Using data insights from IVANS network activity as well as our annual industry survey on connectivity, we will discuss how technology is creating new opportunities for insurers to build the digital distribution and servicing strategies required to drive profitable premium growth in a digital world – seemingly one that has become much more digital over the last several months.

What is Transitioning with Technology Today With Q&A- 11/2021
In this webinar,  you'll hear carriers, brokers, and vendors analyze and discuss the latest innovations, what you need to know about the emerging technologies, and how to bring your customers and clients along the digital transformation journey.