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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Selling Value: Your Discovery Framework | Virtual Workshop #3 | June 2024 Series

Start Date: 6/18/2024 1:00 PM EDT
End Date: 6/18/2024 2:00 PM EDT

Organization Name: PRMA

Samantha Hennessy
Email: shennessy@privateriskmanagement.org
Phone: (888) 317-7762

Selling Value: Virtual Workshops for HNW Industry Professionals
Workshop #3: Your Discovery Framework 

This series is designed primarily for industry professionals who are new to insurance or high net worth. It also serves as an excellent refresher for seasoned professionals seeking reminders or looking to learn a new trick or two in today’s market. While each webinar serves as a foundational element for the next, they can be taken individually depending on your desired needs.

III. Your Discovery Framework - 60 minutes 

It is in the discovery calls with our clients where true value is uncovered. During this interactive session we will:

  • Develop a scripted approach for initiating a discovery meeting with clients, focusing on the process, and the impact of current market conditions.
  • Collaborate with other industry peers to generate a cheat sheet of effective questions to help you uncover the unique needs, and objectives of your clients.
  • Design questions to help emphasize the value of insurance coverage during the solution phase, irrespective of the solution being with an admitted or non-admitted provider.
  • Uncover how this critical step will help you proactively address common price objections both in the present day and future renewals.

Our speaker is Diane Delaney. Diane has been in the insurance industry for 19 years and spent most of her career building and executing the industry leading High-Net-Worth Sales School, which was designed to educate brokers on how to be better advisors to clients. As Executive Director of PRMA, Diane brings her sales training acumen to the PRMA membership in this new series.