Anti-Trust Compliance

Anti-Trust Compliance
The intention of this statement is to prevent any violation of antitrust laws.  All recipients  must remember that their respective firms are competitors in the marketplace and that the McCarran-Ferguson Act and the laws of some states provide the insurance industry with only very limited immunity from federal and state antitrust scrutiny. Therefore, those in attendance must exercise care during all presentations and discussions, since even innocuous discussions of certain topics might later be misinterpreted as evidence of collusion.

Discussions of competitive information are prohibited.

For purposes of this discussion, "competitive information" includes, but is not limited to, information concerning:
–raising, lowering, or stabilizing rates;
–actual current or future rates, including actuarial projections;
–what is a "fair" profit level;
–credit terms and other price-related or ancillary terms;
–individual company results, or current or future marketing or pricing strategies or business plans;
–allocation of markets, territories, or potential insured's;
–the concerted refusal to deal with a customer, supplier, competitor; or to provide an insurance product or service;
–decisions to quote or not to quote on certain types or classes of risks; and
–any other matters on which insurers ordinarily compete with each other.

Help  to enforce this policy and speak up if you have concerns about the conversation.