CPRIA Certification

The Chartered Private Risk and Insurance Advisor (CPRIA) certificate is the only certification program specifically developed for professionals in the high net worth industry.  Endorsed by the Tobin Center for Executive Education of St. John’s University in conjunction with St. John’s School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science, CPRIA aims to broaden your knowledge, enable you to give better advice to clients and provide you with specialized solutions to complex industry issues.

Participating in the program provides you access to experts in nearly every field that affects your affluent clients and a chance to collaborate with the industry leaders. Their experience is your advantage. The certification covers a range of topics that empower our members to serve high net worth clients better.  You may take the courses in any order.  The online learning platform ensures that you have the flexibility you need. 

Access to our unique, high net worth focused program is $305 per course.  Membership discounts are available.
Check out this video to learn more about the certification.


Testimonials from CPRIA graduates

"Credibility and confidence are key, and this program gives you the ability to discuss with clients for meaningful conversations and coverage decisions." 

"As an agent that specializes in HNW and UHNW, it is imperative to educate ourselves and learn about all strategies available for our clients. It makes them happy knowing we are going above and beyond and it makes my job enjoyable because I know I am helping my clients in the best possible way."

"I manage a unit responsible for client retention in our HNW group, and I use the learnings from this program to guide my team."

"I feel more confident in my recommendations.  I have also made connections with others in the program that I can reach out to when I'm in need of answers or solutions."