Social Media Risk Mitigation - 10/2023
This session provides a deep dive into the risks associated with modern social media platforms, shedding light on how third-party entities exploit personal geolocation data and the resultant privacy concerns. Participants will uncover the intricacies of major platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and SnapChat, from their data collection practices to past security breaches.

Cyber Exposures- 10/2023
Today’s homeowner has significantly more at risk than just their property. The ever-evolving growth and utilization of technology in the home is creating changes to the exposures individuals face.  This is an essential webinar to safeguard your digital life and make informed decisions about protecting yourself and your loved ones from personal cyber threats. Whether you're an individual concerned about your online security or an insurance professional looking to serve your clients better, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the world of personal cyber insurance risks.

Digital Threats and Risk Management Solutions- 10/2023

This webinar discussed how to protect your client's digital identity, keeping it out of the hands of sophisticated threat actors, fraudsters, and other criminals.  Digital identity is at the intersection of physical security, cyber, fraud prevention, and reputation. 

Cyber Attacks-  11/2022

This presentation will cover the current trend of cyber-attacks against executives and high net worth individuals, including; ransomware, business email compromise, and connected device intrusions, and how the threat actors gain and maintain access into homes and personal systems

Digital Threats- 8/2022
This webinar provides a look into digital threats and protecting against these exposures

Cybersecurity Data and Devices- 4/2021
Safeguarding your personal data and devices

Personal Cyber Risk Revealed: How to Protect Clients in a Digital World - 10/2020
In this webinar, we will provide cybercrime statistics, detail how criminals obtain and use personal information, talk about the impact of notable data breaches and discuss actionable solutions.

The Emerging Cyber Threat Environment facing HNW Clients - 5/2018 
This webinar is centered on the emerging cyber threat environment facing HNW clients and best ways to protect and mitigate them. 

Personal Cyber Perils Explained and the Emerging Insurance Response - 9/2016 
This webinar provides a look into real-world personal cyber exposures and the coverage available to protect against these exposures

Cybersmart - Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risk - 7/2015 
This presentation is intended to educate on the key cyber risks to the high net worth and provide advice to help reduce the associated risks.