Understanding the Intimate Risk of the Affluent Household

This groundbreaking series will offer participants in-depth knowledge and new expertise into a world rarely revealed to those outside its confines.  Participant take away from each segment includes: a greater expertise in the hidden areas of risk associated with the domestic staffing industry; job titles and salary trends; learning about the different price points on background checks versus background investigations and how this ultimately affects risk; and the how the word, ‘affluent’, has many meanings.  By understanding this intimate space of a client’s life, each segment offers new insights and influential talking points with their existing and potentially new affluent clients.

About Our Presenter:
Teresa Leigh of Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management LLC is a subject matter expert in staffing for the affluent client. She is also an author, educator and speaker and nationally acclaimed VIP advisor to the Ultra high net worth arena for firms such as Chubb and Morgan Stanley. Teresa Leigh is the winner of the 2015 prestigious Private Asset Management award for Best Lifestyle Firm. She is a sought after expert resource for leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, The New York Post and Worth Magazine.  Teresa Leigh’s 30 year history of working in and with the most wealthy and successful families households in the U.S., offers the audience the unique ability to learn from a subject matter expert regarding this highly secretive realm; what is really going on in today’s affluent household?