Water Security: How to help your client find the right solution?

We all know that well over 50% of all water damage claims are preventable yet most clients are still hesitant to install a water security system. In this enlightenment series we will learn about the options available and how to engage your client in a meaningful conversation about the benefits of having a water security system.

About our speaker: 
Gwen Banas, President
Water Security Solutions: 
IGwen started concierge water damage prevention consulting and distribution to HNW insurance carriers and policyholders in 2006. Since then, she and her staff at Water Security Solutions, LLC have served as a resource for education and access to a variety of approved water security systems and installer training across the USA and Canada. After forming the company with the intention of selling one system, she began testing and adding new systems to meet the unique and diverse needs of her HNW clients. She continues to test and offer new technology that enters the market to address the evolving demands and mutual interests of insurance professionals, tradesmen and consumers. Prior to entering the water damage prevention industry, she worked in disaster restoration for ServiceMaster, where the need became obvious for mitigation products and customized consumer and installer education.