HVHC Program

PRMA has partnered with New Level Partners to offer the High Value Home Consultant (HVAC) Program. 

The HVAC Program provides important knowledge, terminology and best practices for professionals performing home property reviews in order to confirm essential information about the home for insurance companies.

The HVHC Program consists of five (5) online learning modules and related materials.  HVHC’s five (5) learning modules require the completion of 15+ hours of online learning plus reviewing related handout materials.  Each HVHC online course contains detailed information specific to reviewing high value home exterior and interior features along with risk and exposure components.  Each online course also contains interactive screen elements, full narration and knowledge checkpoints.  

Course and registration information can be found here.  To receive a 20% discount, PRMA members should use this code during the check-out process - PRMA20.