Loss Prevention/Mitigation

Bon Voyage: Travel Insurance & Travel Safety Tips - 2/2024
Whether for business or pleasure, High Net Worth clients travel often. They are no stranger to exotic locations, which carry safety concerns. Moreover, traditional medical insurance doesn't extend its coverage beyond borders, making travel medical insurance essential for protecting insured individuals and their families from accidents and unexpected incidents.

Alert! Leak Detected! Understand Water Shut Off Devices and Educate Clients - 9/2023
The importance of water shut off devices cannot be overemphasized - they play a significant role in preventing water damage, the leading cause of home insurance claims. This session is designed to enhance your confidence and equip you with the knowledge to articulate the value of these devices to your clients.

Inflations Effects on Claims, and the Importance of Insuring to Value.- 08/2023

Water Loss Mitigation- 2/2023
A discussion on ways to protect your home through water loss mitigation

This webinar discusses the broader topic of the recent trend of embezzlement to provide brokers with a baseline of information to speak with clients & wealth advisors and learn more about coverages for this loss trend.  Presented by: Capital Shield/Amwins

Insuring and Protecting Jewelry- 5/2022
A discussion on the many scenarios that can impact the value of your client's jewelry and watches

All Things Inventory: From Personal to Commercial- 4/2022
Whether your clients live alone, have a family, or run a small business, knowing what they have by cataloging their assets (physical, digital, and critical documents) has become more important than ever.
This webinar will present case studies in loss prevention for the High Net Worth insurance broker/agent.